Speaker Interviews

Christian Hauville - Head of eCommerce SEA, Levi Strauss


What are the key strategies that brands and retailers can adopt to attract customers from Online to Offline? Find out how brands like Levi's solidifies their online and offline presence with the latest technologies and solutions. Download the interview to read more:


Nuttaporn Voonklinhom - VP Head of Innovation, Central Group


In this digital age, learn how mobile becomes the key channel of a retail communication strategy and how brands, retailers and marketplaces can adopt it to improve productivity and efficiency. Download the interview to read more:


Patrick Simon - Chief Operating Officer, City Mart Holdings


The ASEAN retail industry is evolving, hypermarkets need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive in the market. Learn how City Mart addresses these challenges to be "store-ready" for the future. Download the interview to read more:


Michael Salam - Regional Manager - SEA, Cashshield

Better fraud management can boost business potential. Learn how solution providers like CashShield can add value to brands and retailers's effort in minimizing risk and protecting themselves and their customers from digital attacks. Download the interview to read more:

QingGui Huang - Chief Executive Officer, Konvy.com

With brands and retailers facing challenges in managing Omni-channels, learn how they can leverage on third party tools to improve productivity and efficiency in this digital age. Download the interview to read more:

Chharoat Chhaleta - Chief Beauty Officer, Roserb


Chharoat Chhaleta shares how brands and retailers can adapt themselves to the changing retail landscape in Cambodia. Download the interview to read more:

Roongchat Boonyarat - Chief Operating Officer, Malee Group Public Company Limited

Roongchat shares her insights on how suppliers and manufacturers can innovate to improve their efficiency and scale up production.Download the interview to read more:

Joseph Aditya Minarto - Chief Executive Officer, Ralali.com

Starting off a business from scratch is never easy and can be seemingly overwhelming. Joseph Aditya shares the 5 building blocks that help aspiring business owners set up their businesses in a structured yet simple manner. Download the interview to read more:

Kosuke Sogo - Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, AdAsia

The conversion from online marketing efforts to offline sales have always been a great challenge for retailers and brands. Hear from AdAsia on effective digital marketing strategies that allow retailers to convert online audiences to new customers.Download the interview to read more:

Viola Tan - Co-founder, Love, Bonito

Pop-up stores have been popular among online businesses that are looking to transform their businesses offline. Hear from Viola, co-founder of Love, Bonito, as she shares her strategies to extend her online boutique into a traditional store and her latest insights on pop-up stores. Download the interview to read more:

Vee Charoenratanawat - Head of Digital, Johnson & Johnson

Video content is one of the best story selling platform to capture audience attention and drive online sales.  Read what Vee has to share about the usage of videos to improve customer engagement and build up your customer loyalty. Download the interview to read more:

Albert David Palit - Head of Campaign and Creative, PT. Matahari Department Store Tbk, Mataharistore.com

Businesses development is borderless, there are endless opportunities in the retail sector for retailers to grab on whether is it from traditional physical store or online e-commerce. Looking to transform offline business online? Read more about Albert's journey with PT Matahari Department Store Tbk successful online-launch. Download the interview to read more:

Waratr Sibunruang - AVP, Integrated Digital Marketing Management, Siam Commercial Bank

Retail banks are gradually looking into video advertisement to reach out to their potential clients. What are the purpose of these short clips? Are they mainly for advertising purposes? Learn more from Waratr on how banks incorporate videos into their businesses and whether it really works. Download the interview to read more:

Chen Zhang - Chief Technology Officer, JD.com

E-commerce giant, JD.com recently launched a smart refrigerator which will self-replenish when low stocks are detected. Is this the future of retail where things are all fully-automated?  Read more to learn about JD.com's very own perspective of retail transformation in the near future. Download the interview to read more:

Salisa Landy - VP Regional Marketing & Retail, Pomelo Fashion

Omni-channel and pop-up stores are growing in the ASEAN region especially for fashion brands like Pomelo. These strategies are stepping stones for fashion brands to establish their presence online and offline. Salisa Landy, VP Regional Marketing and Retail of Pomelo shares how Pomelo’s omni-channel and pop-up stores strategies help to boost their market outreach. Download the interview to read more: